Committed to business improvement solutions

Business improvement is a powerful lever for success. From reversing underperformance, to unlocking new value, it turns strategies into actions that deliver the right results. This is Minset’s arena.

We fast-track performance improvements by taking a practical, progressive and collaborative approach, and sharing capability for sustainable gains.

Our holistic approach and diverse services are specifically geared for asset-intensive industries, delivered by a growing team that specialises in the mining and resources sectors.

With our depth of experience, including in-house operations, maintenance, technical, leadership and business improvement roles, we know how to balance improvement work with the safe delivery of operational and maintenance targets.

Throughout strategy to systems and procedures to implementation, we act as extensions of our clients’ teams, yet we don’t bring a status-quo mindset to our work. We leverage experience and capability, not generic solutions. We challenge thinking, bring leading insights, expose new opportunities…and we learn with our clients to optimise results. You gain the right breadth and depth of capability from industry leaders who know what tools to apply, and how best to apply them – and the ideal balance between an independent perspective and inclusive engagement to achieve quality outcomes.

The way we engage workgroups underpins our ability to deliver excellence for, and with, our clients. We seek to lead and develop teams through influence, not authority. Their buy-in then drives positive, long-term behavioural change. Through knowledge transfer and upskilling, those teams are equipped to take benefits forward long after our direct role may have finished.


Business improvement can reshape an organisation’s competitive advantage by improving efficiency and effectiveness

Your performance advantage


We offer hands-on experience to know what will work and why

A practical approach is one that knows what will work and why in each context. We apply time-tested principles and practices using our hands-on experience. Where possible, we engage workgroups in gathering insights, solving problems and designing solutions. The result is meaningful, tailored outcomes that work.


We think beyond to anchor the right change in the future

A progressive mindset is one that balances immediate realities with future possibilities. We help clients solve the challenges in front of them while also helping to lift their perspective to see beyond the present. From eliminating waste to uncovering new potential, this is how real gains are found. The result is the right change, anchored in the future.


We bring people and ideas together to extend value

A collaborative culture is one that creates strength from diversity. We bring people and ideas together to extend value, connecting workgroup to workgroup, client to specialist, method to challenge, and digital solution to opportunity. This amplifies the contribution internal knowledge and external networks can make. The result is sharper logic with smarter execution.


We share capability and measure success by what lasts

A sustainable solution is one that measures success by what lasts. We seek every opportunity to share knowledge and capability with our clients’ teams, from informal coaching to on-the-job training. We also embed sustainability considerations in every project and program. The result is an improvement legacy of continual gain and enduring benefit.

We’d value the opportunity to learn more about your business or project context and how we can help you drive lasting improvement