In an Australian-first, Obzervr and Minset have joined forces to launch SAMI (Strategic Asset Maintenance Intelligence), an off-the-shelf maintenance standards solution for mineral processing miners.

What is SAMI?

SAMI represents a new way to manage fixed assets. The solution revolutionises maintenance management by providing detailed maintenance standards for the sector’s top 500 asset types in a centralised, easy-to-use digital platform.

The solution provides full visibility across strategic and tactical maintenance standards so you can take more control over your assets and intellectual property. With SAMI, you see the what, how, and the why of maintaining fixed assets across the life of your mine.

Because SAMI provides maintenance standards in a pre-populated database, you can spend more of your budget on implementation, which drives greater business value.

How is the solution ‘off-the-shelf’?

The majority of mineral processing assets are the same from site to site. So, leveraging a common asset database is a great way to streamline the process.

From time to time, some asset types may not be included in SAMI’s database. If this happens, Minset can provide specialist assistance.

Minset supports all of your asset needs, while Obzervr looks after the software and its implementation.

 How does SAMI save clients time and money?

SAMI provides clients with a cost- and time-effective solution in several ways. SAMI:

  1. greatly reduces your dependence on expensive consultants or limited internal resources to prepare asset standards before use. These bespoke projects can take up to 12 months, are expensive, and often don’t include implementation as part of the scope or budget.
  2. helps clients move away from ongoing asset standards subscriptions services. While these services work well for some clients, when the service is discontinued, you lose access to your intellectual property and asset data. SAMI provides a cheaper and safer alternative in the longer term.

SAMI adds value to brownfield and greenfield sites

SAMI has been designed to reduce risks and optimise performance across both brownfield and greenfield sites.

Brownfield sites can quickly address ageing or underperforming assets and production or safety concerns and get operations back on track in record time. SAMI also represents a great audit tool for brownfield sites to improve processes, knowledge, and existing standards.

Greenfield sites can speed up the handover process and launch in a fraction of the time compared with traditional asset management methods. Because you’re saving time and money, you’ll have more resources available to commission your assets and get things right from the very start.

How regularly is the information updated?

The standards are kept up-to-date regularly and distributed to teams in the formats that work for them. Updates are automated and applied across all documents with little effort.

Why did you create the SAMI solution?

In 2018, Obzervr, a leading Australian software provider, was approached by a greenfield mining client looking for an ‘off-the-shelf’ digital maintenance standards system.

When Obzervr investigated the request, they couldn’t find anything to recommend. So, they decided to develop and launch a product. As Minset is Obzervr’s business improvement and asset partners, they asked us to help them build and deliver the solution.

SAMI is the culmination of many months of effort from both the Obzervr and Minset teams. To find out more about Obzervr, and our strategic partnership, click here.

Who can I speak to about SAMI?

To find out more about SAMI, or to organise a product demonstration, go to the Obzervr website.