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Client value drives the way we do business – and rarely does that require solely linear, siloed relationships. Our ability to extend value is influenced by our ability to connect and integrate people and ideas. Often, the critical differentiator can be helping teams and wider businesses connect more meaningfully between workgroups and departments, draw in specialist capabilities, access specific methods perfectly aligned to the challenge at hand, or integrate a fit-for-purpose digital solution. With Minset, as clients gain access to wider capabilities, they also gain the advantage of seamless delivery. Central management of a much broader program of work results in fewer interfaces and far greater efficiency and effectiveness for client teams.

Minset’s portfolio of partnerships and complementary business relationships strengthens the solutions we offer our clients. In addition to the highlights shared here, we can connect clients with a broader suite of specialist relationships in technology, digital planning and visualisation, and other business improvement fields. We seek out opportunities to turn our diverse network into value-adding connections.

Orcoda Resource People Logistics is an operational efficiency specialist that manages workforce logistics on complex projects where visibility and control over entire work teams and assets are critical to safety and success. Orcoda’s system supports workforce logistics in all phases of delivery, from early works to shutdowns. It gives everyone in the supply chain access to accurate information, including automated updates, to improve efficiency and cost, and manage compliance and risk.

Our teams have successfully deployed Orcoda’s system within wider improvement programs. Together, we follow a staged approach, from improvement strategy, to system and process development and integration with wider operations, to site mobilisation, to ongoing sustainability. Effective alignment and roll out results in faster, smoother implementation and earlier benefits. If workforce logistics is an area of challenge or opportunity, our work with Orcoda offers a proven digital transformation solution.

MyPass is digital workforce compliance and onboarding software designed to help companies in highly-regulated sectors reduce the risk and cost of managing contractors. Its clients access real-time dashboards to identify skills requirements, match workers to available jobs, track ongoing skills development and collaborate with industry across the entire supply chain. MyPass’ award-winning Skills Passport gives organisations access to a single source of truth for each worker, which can be shared via a permissions structure with one or more business partners

Minset partners with MyPass to provide our clients with contractor onboarding software that proactively ensures the right workers with the right skills turn up for shutdowns and turnarounds.  Clients get real-time assurance there are no compliance gaps in the field.

Obzervr is a powerful field activity mobile app and digital analytics platform that simplifies data management and reporting. Through analytics dashboards, data becomes more accessible for advanced analysis, risk mitigation and management, and continual feedback loops between planners and operations, improving short interval control.

Our team partners with Obzervr to bring this feature to our clients, guiding implementation and integration into existing client systems. A core part of our work involves helping our clients ensure they are collecting the right data and making it visible to all, enabling teams to better understand their performance and identify problems. Obzervr is a proven mechanism to drive lean practices by leveraging the benefits of a single source of truth, high-grade visibility and full team interactivity.

Minset and Obzervr have come together to create SAMI (Strategic Asset Maintenance Intelligence), an innovative digital maintenance standards solution. 


SMSi is an innovative, cloud-based solution specifically created to streamline shutdown and turnaround events, using a single, easy-to-use platform. The centralised design provides unparalleled visibility throughout each project, giving shutdown managers and decision-makers access to the real-time information they need to make the right decisions on the ground. The specialist software has been designed by industry experts to maximise your shutdown performance uplift. SMSi’s integrated approach enhances collaboration across teams. It also increases productivity by automating manual processes and replacing forms and spreadsheets.

Minset partners with IMMS, the developers of SMSi. Together, both organisations reduce the risks of complex shutdown events, saving clients time and money without compromising safety. Minset’s suite of management services, processes, and disciplines work hand-in-hand with the IMMS’ specialist software, so clients can effectively and safely manage complex events from start to finish.

In addition to our industry partnerships and broader relationships,
Minset is a member of Austmine and the Asset Management Council.

If you would like to know more about these specialists, how we work with them, and how they can add value to your team or business, please get in touch with us