Production & operational performance

Common issues and opportunities

When it comes to improving production and operational performance, including production and operations process improvement, clients commonly face issues and opportunities such as:

  • Balancing a relentless focus on productivity with safety, environment and community expectations
  • Knowing how to determine where to start production and operations people, process and physical improvement efforts to achieve the best results amid a wealth of data and numerous visible problems
  • Understanding the drivers, bottlenecks and production workflows to achieve desired performance
  • Addressing inefficient interactions and handovers between groups, whether information or physical items
  • Integrating new technologies into existing business processes to improve operations, and ensuring people and roles are equipped to accommodate changes to the way work is done
  • Strengthening processes and measures between site personnel and remote operating teams
  • Embedding knowledge in processes, not individual people, to ensure all team members are effective in delivering their role without impacting operations performance
  • Being clear on the measures that will influence team behaviours to increase performance – and managing this with huge volumes of data
  • Managing workforce shifts between resource sector specialists and industry newcomers
  • Using automation to introduce new ways of working, improve safety and reduce performance variation

In seeking improvement, it’s all too easy to overlook, undervalue or under-resource areas such as upskilling people so they deeply understand production and operations process improvement principles and practice…and learn how to identify priorities, recognise performance deviation and underlying causes, and get production and operations back on track. This includes the skill of managing what is often complex and time-consuming planning – including the critical need to engage the right stakeholders who contribute to production and operations, and ensure effective ongoing communication. With the strength of solid planning, teams can then best step back and understand how to bring the information, materials, machines, methods and more to improve production and operations at the right time, to the right quality.

Our approach

Minset offers a comprehensive range of improvement services specifically focused on production and operational performance. A key part of our role is helping clients change the way they think about production and operations process improvement, including what will achieve objectives and deliver success. We work through aspects such as:

  • Identifying the right projects to work on and where to start, using a structured, data-driven approach
  • Defining the goals and supporting processes that will add the most value
  • Removing waste from processes and broader activities
  • Clearly defining roles and what people need to contribute to support production and operations performance
  • Supporting relationships between teams and building capability where gaps are identified
  • Developing measures to drive behaviours aligned to process
  • Streamlining a consistent approach to dissecting and solving problems across different groups with different interests
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Work area design and organisation
Bottleneck management
Variation reduction
Support equipment productivity
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Systems and process efficiency
Work quality
Organisational design
People engagement and communication
Interface efficiency
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Better understand process

Create a foundation for change

Embed knowledge into business systems

Upskill team members

Increase production rates

Focus effort toward objectives

Reduce waste and confusion

Fast-track improvement

Delivering practical, accountable, shared value

Minset’s work delivers practical value to clients in areas such as:

  • Providing an initial boost of resources as a circuit-breaker and support for busy teams
  • Fast-tracking problem identification, with no bias or baggage, due to our processes, experience and independence
  • Embedding foundational thinking about waste identification and removal to encourage proactive practice
  • Implementing and delivering as quickly as possible without agendas or allegiances, including to specific technologies
  • Encouraging a service provider mentality in areas such as quality and timeliness
  • Increasing alignment, interaction and relationships between different workgroups based on a shared understanding of requirements to achieve a common goal, and shared processes and capability to get there
  • Supporting effective digital integration to add value, remove the fear of change, and improve daily work practices without backward steps
  • Sharing mining/processing production and operations best practices for leaders and frontline workers

Clients benefit from their people building capabilities and knowledge to understand the vast team interactions and contributions that allow production and operations process improvement. This is underpinned by clear definition of what value is, what it looks like (quality, time etc) and where effort needs to focus to deliver productive performance, whether directly or by those in support roles. With clients often deeply invested in managing day-to-day operations, our team provides the resources to step back, understand problems and opportunities, observe and speak with people to identify solutions, and guide efficient, effective implementation of improvement. Our ethos is to embed skills as we go so that teams can continue improvement after our role has finished.

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