Project studies & operational readiness

Minset offers project study and operational readiness services tailored to the specific performance priorities of clients.

Project studies

Project studies are often challenging to deliver in-house due to limited capability, whether via a lack of subject matter expertise, study management skills, or effective study systems and processes. Engaging major firms can also be cost prohibitive for small to medium sized studies.

Minset offers study management services in our areas of subject matter expertise, using robust and proven study management process frameworks. This includes drawing on our team’s experience in the readiness and start-up of major projects and mining operations. Our study services can be delivered as a standalone offer or complementary to existing improvement work. Where the two are linked, insight developed through a study is used to improve follow-on works. At the start of studies, we invest in understanding, defining and gaining approval for the study scope and deliverables because this forms the foundation for next steps. We also ensure that we balance technical deliverables with a wider consideration of what it will take for outcomes and recommendations to be implemented and sustained. Where separate analytical or technical expertise is needed, we are known for our ability to effectively engage and collaborate with other parties to achieve quality results.

We add value by:

  • Building from a detailed, robust process framework and study management system, with a high level of process discipline to ensure end-to-end efficiency
  • Following a pragmatic approach with appropriate timeframes to ensure the right level of detail, and support the integrity of recommendations
  • Embedding deep consideration of implementation requirements and sustainment mechanisms
  • Providing an independent and flexible study solution that does not distract from operational requirements nor get diluted by existing internal preconceptions
  • Leveraging our large industry network for unique analytical and technical expertise with reduced interfaces

Our clients are empowered to make critical business decisions based on valid analysis. They are also assured that business risks have been thoroughly identified and mitigations evaluated, and that business options have been challenged systematically. Our emphasis on people in our wider work also means our approach embeds meaningful consultation across key personnel to ensure informed, robust study outcomes.

operational readiness


Workgroup productivity
Work area design and organisation
Performance strategy
Systems and process efficiency
Work quality
Organisational design
People engagement and communication
Interface efficiency
Key asset productivity
Servicing management
Operational processes
Bottleneck management
Support equipment productivity

Operational readiness

Operational readiness is typically about engaging with a high level of complexity. Requirements span optimising the recruitment and onboarding of work teams prior to commissioning; evaluating new equipment and developing timely strategies and tactics; developing and implementing area systems; identifying site or area infrastructure, equipment and tooling; identifying and assessing contractor and specialist resources; and managing project costs and infrastructure constraints that can easily impact readiness works.

Minset offers project management services for clients seeking operational readiness support, particularly in an environment where there are considerable competing demands. We start by completing a detailed assessment of a project’s readiness status, expectations and requirements, including alignment with construction. From there, typical readiness services involve us assuming a role of independent project advisor and schedule owner. This includes tracking progress against the schedule and providing specialist advice and support on execution and required outcomes. Our approach provides a mechanism to establish strong and trusted relationships across teams.

We add value by:

  • Using detailed scheduling, including toll gates, and a strong project management approach to best manage and monitor readiness progress, including the timely staging of support resources
  • Taking a structured and disciplined approach to a complex activity, including reviewing progress and cost constraints on a short interval cycle
  • Drawing on significant intellectual property and existing processes to fast-track quality outcomes
  • Ensuring comprehensive onboarding integrated with a training matrix
  • Supporting thorough assessment of infrastructure, equipment and tooling needs, including business cases regarding hire versus buy options
  • Providing specialist support in the early embedding of proven improvement methods and techniques
  • Providing coaching and knowledge transfer for key roles and work teams for a smooth transition to operations
  • Supporting and coaching client personnel through a challenging period and improving leadership capability in difficult or high-stress environments
  • Increasing internal capability to make the best decisions, manage change and ensure effective systems and communications

Our clients gain the benefit of a safe and efficient start-up for their operations or plant areas. With the right foundation, early performance in safety, product quality, asset performance and operational costs are positioned to meet expectation. Furthermore, workgroup performance, morale and culture are established for sustainable performance, and the wider business is equipped to demonstrate a strong ‘licence to operate’ through the high-quality delivery of operational readiness requirements.

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