Aligning teams and processes for shutdown success

Client: Coal miner
Location: Queensland
Duration: Twelve Weeks


The success or failure of shutdown events is often dependent on effective planning and scheduling. However, our client, a significant coal producer, faced challenges delivering consistent and predictable shutdown outcomes for its fleet of draglines and electric shovels. These challenges were attributed to incomplete and misaligned shutdown management processes.

When Minset was called in to update the client’s shutdown management framework, we quickly discovered the unfinished framework was just a symptom of deeper issues. Various site teams were working at cross-purposes, and there was a disconnect between the corporate, site, and shutdown teams. Despite everyone’s best intentions, this lack of clarity resulted in siloed executions, confusion, and poor shutdown performance.


The Minset team managed challenges across different teams, locations, and systems. The project involved complex stakeholder engagement and analysis, as well as providing shutdown support activities. The team:

  • Analysed the existing systems and process requirements, identifying various disjointed systems and approaches across multiple teams.
  • Collaborated closely with more than 60 stakeholders from seven regional sites, including head office with different seniority levels and roles including planning, engineering, logistics, and maintenance.
  • Conducted workshops to clarify shutdown process steps and timings throughout the complete shutdown management cycle, gathering diverse viewpoints and respectfully aligning opinions, views, and perspectives while challenging assumptions.
  • Simplified and mapped key processes visually so everyone understood the shared priorities and outcomes.
  • Consolidated all data, insights, and learnings into a single comprehensive Shutdown Management Procedure. This pivotal manual included process flow diagrams, cadence task descriptions, tables of responsibilities and accountabilities, along with links to supporting documentation.
  • Engaged all teams to finalise procedures and prepare for field trials with implementation recommendations.

As an independent business partner, Minset brought valuable insights and expertise to the table, surpassing what could have been achieved solely with internal resources. The client now has a solid foundation for transforming its shutdown performance and safely digitising future events.




  • Established an eight-person steering committee to expedite decision-making and alignment
  • Communicated with 12 project champions to ensure speedy and effective collaboration and progress


  • Used a robust and effective process to accomplish in three months what would have taken an internal resource 12+ months to achieve


  • Created a Shutdown Management Procedure to align shutdown engineering, planning, and delivery
  • Clarified role responsibilities and accountabilities across 200 process steps