Shutdown readiness assessment

Client: Copper smelter and refinery
Location: Southeast Asia
Duration: Four Weeks


Every three years one of Southeast Asia’s leading copper smelters and refineries undertakes a major plant turn around, comprising a furnace reline and other works across the business. As part of its commitment to continuous improvement, the organisation sought out independent experts to assess its current state of readiness, find and fill gaps, and identify organisational risks that could negatively impact project delivery. With sustainability in mind, the site’s leadership team also wanted to build its team’s own capability while developing best practice procedures and repeatable processes for the future. With a strong history and proven track record in maintenance shutdowns, experience working in different cultures, along with its practical and pragmatic approach, Minset was selected as the supplier of choice.


Minset arrived on site ten weeks out from the official shutdown start date and immediately took a proactive, structured, and disciplined approach. The team:

  • Kicked off the project using Minset’s own tried and tested shutdown readiness assessment tool, which has been refined over many years.
  • Worked with the site teams to identify readiness deficiencies and gaps. Areas for improvement included contract procurement, scheduling optimisation, and parts, to name just a few.
  • Used regular meetings and newly defined processes to track and triage issues. The increased visibility empowered local teams to manage lower-level concerns themselves and escalate more serious matters to the leadership team as necessary, using everyone’s time effectively.
  • Developed readiness trackers, engaged workers, and shared important information so everyone understood ‘why’ actions were needed, creating individual buy-in and team commitment.
  • Liaised with the head office corporate asset team to keep them informed while working with them to identify opportunities to leverage their systems knowledge and expertise.

Minset also assessed and improved the overall project management and execution plan, ensuring all key activities were in place and ready to go. This included everything from cranes, to scaffolding, confined space resourcing, and assessing the possible implications of 24HV power outages.



  • Engaged more than 30 key stakeholders
  • Coached the local team to critically review planning options and proactively identify problems


  • Identified, transferred, implemented, and monitored 60 readiness actions
  • Created sustainable and lasting change by linking actions, processes, and outcomes


  • Supplied an extensive library of shutdown templates to save the client time and money
  • Developed ‘real-world’ solutions by spending time in the field with the team