Workforce logistics
digital transformation

Client: Poly-metallic producer
Location: South Australia
Duration: three months


This major shutdown improvement project incorporated a range of initiatives to transform site performance. During initial site observations and systems assessments, the need for more efficient mobilisation and site access processes were identified as critical to streamlining the management of task-aligned contractors. Site groups had been handling workforce logistics using various disjointed systems, with significant room for human error. A digital solution was determined as the best means for smoother workflows and real-time reporting with far less potential for error. In turn, it would better position the site team to get personnel from their home to their worksite and accommodation in the most efficient, trouble-free manner…and in a positive, ready-to-work frame of mind.


The Minset team continually evaluates potential digital solutions and had identified Orcoda’s workforce logistics platform as offering the best breadth of sector-suited functions in one system. The platform also aligned effectively with the new shutdown work management systems developed for the site. A key strength was that it enabled shutdown contractor groups to take maximum responsibility for their people by providing each company with access to upload worker details in a shared, central platform. This gave the client real-time visibility of the mobilisation readiness of its contractor workforce. Of the extensive suite of capabilities within the Orcoda application, the project prioritised resource selection, travel and site access functions. Contractors were also able to upload team compliance information, allowing site personnel to monitor progress and validate competencies prior to shutdown commencement.

The application was trialled in parallel to site systems before full implementation as part of a major shutdown. Minset facilitated the interface between Orcoda and the site shutdown team in line with the wider shutdown plan. Staged deployment of application functions was essential to best support change with certainty. There is now potential for future expanded use including options such as direct input of labour requirements by shutdown planners, and system-to-system integration with training, travel and accommodation platforms.



  • Increased team productivity by minimising logistics hassle and encouraging the right frame of mind for team members
  • Reduced administration load on the logistics team, enabling them to refocus effort on higher value planning and management tasks


  • Provided vendors with fast visibility of role requirements, shift types, start dates etc, with daily emailed reports to the logistics team
  • Improved safety outcomes by fast-tracking identification of training and induction gaps
  • Created scope for future cost savings in training and wider planning efficiency


  • Automated management of 91% of all workforce data via Orcoda, comprising
    24 vendors and 367 workers and assets
  • Improved work quality potential by precisely matching skills, positioning the plant for optimal uptime before the next shutdown