Support services improvement

Common issues and opportunities

When it comes to improving support services such as technical, supply and logistics, and health and safety – and their ability to support asset, production and operational teams – clients commonly face issues and opportunities such as:

  • Building a clear picture of the services or outcomes that are actually needed by internal customers and what is required in return to meet those needs
  • Balancing the requirements of multiple stakeholders between production/maintenance, wider business demands, external regulatory bodies and support team goals
  • Gaining a better understanding of production or maintenance processes to improve their contribution
  • Systematising processes to best know when and what to provide to have a large, positive impact on the safe and productive performance of production/maintenance
  • Understanding how to remove waste from the processes they control
  • Upskilling leaders in leading through influence, rather than authority, and changing their mindset to that of a service provider
  • Improving the transfer of knowledge between disciplines so teams better understand the challenges each face and ultimately the business as a whole
  • Integrating changes for one discipline (eg a new process or technology) without creating non-value-adding work elsewhere in the business
  • Increasing interaction between all parts of the business to break down siloes and expand performance improvement

Clearly understanding the value of a support service to a business is essential – as is encouraging a service-provider mentality that is all too often missing. The prevalence of siloes compounds issues and these take considerable time and effort to break down. Small symbols and behaviours of leaders and team members can have a huge impact in reinforcing these – and, through improvement work, the reverse is also possible as teams better understand each other and better integrate their contributions.

Our approach

The Minset team offers extensive experience across a broad range of operational and functional roles, so we understand the many ‘sides’ of business pillars. Our improvement offer that is specifically focused on support service performance starts by defining why a support service exists and what it provides to various stakeholders. We then work with teams to clearly define and document that work via two-way consultation and verification. This includes exploring the most efficient ways to provide the service, as everything else is potentially waste and, therefore, negotiable.


Workgroup productivity
Interface efficiency
Work area design and organisation
Performance strategy
Systems and process efficiency
Work quality
Organisational design
People engagement and communication
Value analysis and strategies for internal services


Streamline support services

Improve problem solving

Add greater value to operations

Speed up access to specialist knowledge

Strengthen service delivery efficiency

Increase capability for ongoing improvement

Delivering practical, accountable, shared value

Minset’s work delivers practical value to clients in areas such as:

  • Bringing the thinking of a service provider to these teams, including how to manage their processes and interactions accordingly
  • Offering a strong understanding of internal customer requirements and how to add value and remove waste
  • Combining change management with process understanding to fully assess the impact a support service change will have and set up implementation for success
  • Building leadership capability in leading through influence to significantly improve their ability to implement change and manage stakeholders

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