Meet the team

Business improvement requires a diverse mix of analytical, strategic, interpersonal and creative skills to turn potentially complex possibilities into a clear way forward. Minset’s team offers that breadth and depth of capability – including individuals and project teams having access to our full network of business specialists for bespoke requirements.

Our team’s diverse backgrounds allow us to provide an exceptional base of experience for clients. Our combined mining and resources experience exceeds 100 years across operations, maintenance, technical, port and corporate roles – complemented by experience in industries such as manufacturing, Defence and professional services. With many of our team having been consultants and clients, we offer a rare capacity to balance competing requirements from the perspective of multiple stakeholders to implement and sustain change. Together with our deep knowledge of business improvement theory and practice, and our adaptive approach, our people offer surety, confidence and excellence.

The way we engage workgroups underpins our ability to deliver for, and with, our clients. We seek to lead and develop teams through influence, not authority. Their buy-in then drives positive, long-term behavioural change. Through knowledge transfer and upskilling, those teams are equipped to take benefits forward long after our direct role may have finished. This is also where sector experience makes a difference. Our team members have an outstanding reputation for quickly establishing credibility and strong relationships with leaders through to workgroup personnel. Authentic engagement and communication, and genuine respect for client teams, become the foundation for positive results. We recognise that frustrations common to workgroups are real and must be understood and considered to make way for recommended improvements. This grounded, sincere collaboration sits at the heart of sustainable change.

Our leadership team

Andrew Attrill

Engages people to inspire sustainable change

Connecting people, ideas, and insights are at the heart of Andrew’s philosophy and success. His decades of asset-intensive experience inform his pragmatic, proven, and practical solutions. Andrew’s approachable manner brings out the best in people, so leaders and teams are free to explore possibilities, imagine the future, and generate superior, lasting results.

Anthony Tarsilli

Simplifies business strategies and problems into practical solutions

As a skilled and accomplished business improvement professional, Anthony draws on decades of experience and proven methodologies, including Six Sigma and Lean, to deliver outstanding results for clients. He is adept at taking complex business problems and data sets, breaking them down into manageable pieces, and designing simple, practical, and implementable solutions. Anthony prides himself on leading through influence rather than authority to build client capability.

Derrick Barden

Collaborative and people-focused problem solver

In complex environments there is never a shortage of data, but there is often a lack of meaningful insights. Derrick leverages his decades of experience in data analysis, health and safety, and continuous improvement to help his clients make more informed business decisions. Working in close partnership with local teams, Derrick’s people-led approach inspires outstanding results and practical, cost-effective solutions.

Michael Bennett

Adept and candid asset management professional

With more than three decades of asset-intensive experience, there aren’t too many types of projects Michael hasn’t seen or done. His wisdom and use of Six Sigma and Lean methodologies help him cut through complexity to find the most innovative, practical, and effective solutions for his clients. His no-nonsense style empowers leaders at all levels to understand their options and make informed decisions. Michael specialises in shutdowns, asset management and logistics.

Amanda White

Amanda White

Exemplary administrator and results-driven professional

Amanda is a rare talent, effortlessly combining exceptional levels of service with a keen sense of organisation and attention to detail. Amanda’s friendly and engaging style builds trust and relationships quickly and helps Minset’s clients and Directors prioritise, design, and deliver elegant and fit-for-purpose systems, processes, and solutions.

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